The Bistro Jupiter – 30 Day Case Study


The Bistro is a restaurant located in Jupiter, Florida. They are a fine-dining restaurant serving fresh seafood, steaks, etc. The restaurant has been in operation for over 10 years, and it has become a popular destination for locals, but new customers were starting to become rare due to lack of digital presence. Bistro’s management team is committed to providing exceptional customer service and maintaining a high standard of quality in its food and service. The current social presence was 95% OUT OF THE UNITED STATES. This was a local Florida restaurant. Their main engagement was coming from Europe and Asia, which will never help a local Florida restaurant.


Bistro is facing a challenge to increase its revenue and bring new customers into the restaurant. Despite the popularity of the restaurant to locals, the management team has noticed a decline in the number of new customers visiting the restaurant. They had minimal digital presence, and their current digital approach wasn’t working. They wanted to raise their digital presence, and make Bistro a household name digitally. They are also having a huge problem reaching locals with their marketing. They are reaching people internationally which will never help a local restaurant. They are also having major problems with their content. It is not professional nor appealing.


The Bistro hired Black Sphere Solutions to take over their Instagram and Facebook. Our team came in and created all new content for the restaurant. In the first 30 days, Black Sphere Solutions revolutionized the restaurant’s digital presence. Bistro saw results within the first couple weeks and numbers skyrocket over 500%. Their local market reached went from 5% (before we started) to 95% within a 20 mile radius of the Restaurant (after 30 days). We were able to get bloggers to come in and to write up posts about how great the restaurant is.

30-Day Results:

  • Follower Increase: 32%
  • Target Market Reached: 95%
  • Accounts Reached: +516%
  • Accounts Engaged: +323%
  • Accounts Reached That Weren’t Following The Bistro: 87%
  • Website Clicks: +544%
  • Business Address Clicks: +1,000%
  • Profile Visits: +246%
  • Impressions: +342%
  • Personal Interactions with Locals + Bloggers: 100+
The Bistro
Jupiter, Florida